We want you to live, breathe, move and function at your highest quality of life.

The Vive Studio Pilates is Swan Hill's leading Reformer Pilates Studio.

With small class sizes of 5, you will leave class feeling energized, refreshed and have a deeper understanding of movement and why its so important to have correct alignment whilst exercising.


At The Vive, we are so much more than just an exercise class.

We offer unique, fun and uplifting classes that will challenge you, increase your flexibility, help you build a strong body and give you a very holistic approach to movement.

In our daily lives its important to have a strong body so you can function well but the mind is an important tool to strengthen also. We will help you understand the connection between mind and body better and why its so important in our busy lives to look after ourselves first.

You deserve to take time out for you.

Come and be apart of our wellness community of empowering and uplifting women

you are welcome to bring your child of any age to these classes as there is an enclosed area for them to play in.


At The Vive Studio Pilates our mission is to educate, inspire and uplift everyone who walks through our doors. We want you to walk away from our classes feeling empowered, uplifted, energized yet calmer and more peaceful.
We all have such busy lives and seem to put ourselves last, we want you to put yourself first, feel great and like you can achieve anything you put your mind to.
You need to look after yourself first in order to look after the other people in your life. As the saying goes "You can't pour from an empty glass, take care of yourself first"




A Lake Boga girl, Sha'is initially studied with the Pilates system to bring relief and a better quality of lifestyle for herself.  Along her journey, she noticed an incredible change in her mobility and capabilities.

Realising there was nothing like this on offer in Swan Hill, she opened her own Pilates Studio, now passing on her knowledge and love of this wonderful, personalized, gentle exercising system to others.


Name: Sha'is Yvare Lynas

What you love about health and fitness: I love the way your body feels when you are in tune with it, when you eat to nourish your body, when you find the perfect exercise class for you & exercise no longer becomes a chore but something you are so excited to do. To feel great after a workout, not exhausted. 

Favourite reformer exercise to do yourself: I have so many, i feel like every class i always say, now this is my favourite exercise.. lol At the moment it would have to be straight leg splits, giving my hamstrings an amazing stretch.

Favourite reformer exercise to make others do: haha anything that makes them work hard! i especially love teaching any exercise that involves arm strength because it always amazes me to see how far evryone comes in such a short amount of time when it comes to building up arm strength.

Favourite quote/philosophy: Any quote by lorna jane, i just love her outlook on life, but my favourite would have to be  'your life is your message to the world, make sure it's inspiring.' I think that is a pretty powerful statement.

Hobbies outside of Vive: Being in nature, i have this crazy love for lush green grass, so in the warmer months i love being at the lake, i love love love reading books. for me it's anything personal development that can help me be a better person and how i can help others along their journeys.

Fav food: Pepperoni pizza, i'm sure in my past life i was Italian, lol

Fav holiday destination: Anywhere new, i love exploring new places with my family. I hope to one day travel overseas with them, i would love to visit Italy with them. 

Something nobody knows about you: I used to dislike my first and middle name (Sha'is Yvare)  it is so uncommon. When i was younger, even up until i was 26 i took the apostrophe out of my first name so it wasn't so confusing. It wasn't until one day i had the realisation that i am the only one in the world with my name and how lucky i was to be so unique. 


Stacey fell in love with Pilates and the holistic benefits of strengthening and conditioning the body to help counter sitting at a desk all day.


After trying out reformer Pilates in Melbourne, Stacey was excited when the Vive Studio Pilates opened in Swan Hill. Stacey has been a regular client at the studio since the start and undertook matwork and reformer teacher training with Breathe Education in 2016. Stacey is excited to share her love of Pilates and hopes to help people to feel happier and stronger. 

Name: Stacey 

Role at Vive: Pilates instructor 


What you love about health and fitness: I love how I feel after exercising, it is a great mood booster! 

Favourite reformer exercise to do yourself: Open the window. 

Favourite reformer exercise to make others do: Bird dog or open the window, just ask any of the clients 😂

Favourite quote/philosophy: I love the quote from Breathe Education 'motion is lotion' it succinctly puts how important movement is for our bodies! 

Hobbies outside of Vive: reading, binge watching Netflix and in summer paddle boarding. 

Fav food: this is a tough one, but I do really love a good antipasto platter. 

Fav holiday destination: I don't think I can name just one favourite place, but one of the most memorable places I have visited was Tromso, Norway, it is in the arctic circle and when I visited it was there dark period where they don't see the sun for a couple of months. 

Something nobody knows about you: Something people might not know is that I have three tattoos. Two on my feet and one on the side of my ribs.