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At The Vive Studio Pilates we offer a variety of classes at a variety of times.

For further information on times of classes click the button below!

Reformer FIT

Total Body Toner

A dynamic class designed to work your whole body. This is a high energy class with minimal breaks. you will work on strength, length and balance. you will leave each class feeling energized and stronger.

Not your typical pilates class. This is a fast paced high intensity class that will have your body burning and your heart pumping. Leave each class with a youthful layer of sweat.


Take time out of your day to stretch and find length, this class is relaxed and slower paced. That’s not to say you will not work hard but you will also have the space to actively stretch. You’ll leave each class feeling balanced and just that little bit taller. 
These classes are adaptable for any Pilates fitness levels as progressions, regressions & modifications can be made to suit each individual

Abs, Ass, Arms


A 30 minute express class designed to work all of your favorite areas. 

lets work that booty, define those abs and strengthen those arms

Please note this is an exercise class so you must be injury free to partake

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