The importance of Pilates during pregnancy

During pregnancy, your body goes through alot of changes. due to the load of the baby getting heavier, our bodies find ways to cope with that excess pressure and create movement patterns that aren't ideal.

By strengthening your body, with a strong focus on glutes, hamstrings and posture, this will help prepare your body for the strong demands of birth, post baby and beyond.

back muscles are important to strengthen due to the breasts growing during pregnancy, shoulders start to hunch forward and then when baby comes along, breast feeding with that same posture of shoulders rounded creates even more discomfort in your back.

one of my gorgeous clients who has been coming through 2 of her pregnancies, shes is always consistent, 1 class a week and credits pilates to her quick recovery of 2nd child, prior to no pilates with her first. she is now pregnant with her 3rd baby. she is 3o weeks and still comes to pilates once a week.

Strength in our bodies is vital to move well in our lifetimes. take care of your body, you only get one

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