It seems to be the buzz word in the social media world atm. I hear the word and almost cringe because it’s so overused right now.

However as overused as it is, more than ever it’s time to step up our game and stop pleasing everyone else. Saying yes when we really mean no, bending over backwards for those who don’t deserve it.

Why is it as women, that boundaries seem to be so hard to put in place? If we say no to someone it seems to trigger that part of us that just wants to be liked by everyone. The thing is if we keep giving everything to everyone, saying yes when we mean no it only ends up in us resenting others when we should have just spoken up about how we are really feeling.

I don’t know about you, but I respect another woman’s strength, when she has the courage to say no, this isn’t right for me. when she owns who she is without apologising. I’m like, “yes girl, you’re amazing “

I, myself am still working on this whole boundary thing. It’s hard, it’s uncomfortable and I easily fall back into old patterns of people pleasing, for I am only human. I am however committed to my growth as an individual for when we are not growing in all areas of life, we are dying on the inside.

2022 is the year all about you. It’s time to stop waiting around for Monday, for kids to start back at school & it’s time to put yourself first. NOW!

This means setting boundaries, it means being ok with not being liked & it allows you to see who’s really in your life for the right reasons.

unfortunately in today’s society a woman is shamed, told she’s arrogant , put down, judged. The list goes on and on. Luckily for us, their opinions don’t matter

Doing the work is hard, it’s uncomfortable but it creates a more empowered, knowing & stronger version of yourself.

Remember nothing changes, if nothing changes.

always with so much love

Sha’is. Xx

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